Vin Diesel Reveals Big Reason 'Fast And Furious 8' Is Headed To New York

He doesn't have friends. He's got family ... and major announcements.

Vin Diesel lives his life one major announcement at a time.

Dom Toretto himself has already said "Fast and Furious" will conclude with a final trilogy and that "Straight Outta Compton" director F. Gary Gray would be taking over the next film, but, on Wednesday's "Tonight Show," Diesel dropped another major bombshell.

The next movie is coming to "New York, baby!"

Diesel went on to tell Jimmy Fallon the whole franchise was actually inspired by a Vibe article about street racing in New York, and the original director and producer reset everything in Los Angeles. "So we're finally bringing it back home, baby!" said Diesel.

The actor recently told Io9 that the new "Fast" movie and his new "XXX" installment are in a race to production. But as CinemaBlend points out, the new "Fast" movie already has a release date for April 2017, so it appears that film may hit the road first ... baby!


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