Vince Neil Tries To Punch Fan At Concert, Misses Badly (VIDEO)

Well, this is just kind of embarrassing.

Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil became aggravated by a fan in the front row at his concert in New Mexico on Dec. 7, and tried to punch him -- but he missed.

The 51-year-old rocker's attempted at violence was caught on tape and promptly uploaded to YouTube.

Vince Neil got upset with a fan in the front row at a recent New Mexico concert, tried to punch him — and missed. From the video it's not quite clear what the fan did to enrage the singer, but Neil can be heard yelling, "“Get the f**k out of here" before trying to punch the fan.

Luckily for the fan -- and for Neil-- his aim isn't very good and he missed.

According to TMZ the outburst didn't faze Neil, as security escorted the fan out of the show, and Neil got back to singing like nothing happened.

Neil has a history of having a hot temper. In August, he was again caught on tape screaming at a valet attendent to give him his "f**king car," while banging on the window of the valet booth.

Vince walk over to the valet booth, yelling, "Give me my f**king car! Give me my f**king car! Give me my car!" -- and then banged on the window.

He's just oh so rock 'n' roll, right? Nope.

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