Twitter Thinks Vince Vaughn And Mel Gibson Didn't Love Meryl Streep's Speech

The camera caught them looking less than thrilled at Sunday's Golden Globes.

Meryl Streep’s powerful Golden Globes speech about inclusion and using positions of power to fight against injustice instead of perpetuating it struck a chord with celebrities and viewers alike.

Vince Vaughn and Mel Gibson, however, did not appear enthused.

The camera panned over to the two — who worked together on the Golden Globe–nominated war film, “Hacksaw Ridge,” and were seated at the same table for Sunday night’s ceremony — and showed them looking rather unhappy while Streep spoke.

Who knows for sure what the actors were thinking? They could have Resting Confused/Unhappy Face. Still, Twitter seized the moment.

Some wondered why Gibson ― whose racist and sexist diatribes somehow did not blacklist him from Hollywood years ago ― was invited.

As Rolling Stone’s Rob Sheffield put it, “Mel ‘Sugar Tits’ Gibson was on hand, for no discernible reason except to provide Vince with another glum white-man mug to sulk through Meryl’s speech.”

Sorry not sorry, guys.