Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson To Star As Google Interns In 'The Internship'

Being an intern has never been so glamorous!

Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, who (in)famously paired up for the 2005 blockbuster "Wedding Crashers," are together again in a new R-rated romp, "The Internship." The two will play recently laid-off fortysomethings who hatch a diabolical scheme to land coveted internships at Google.

"We get free food, we get to play ping pong and take naps," Vaughn said of the role in a recent interview with The Huffington Post. "We find a way to get into the intern program and try to get a job there. It's fun to go back and do some R-rated comedies again."

Vaughn himself penned the screenplay for the film, which will even feature a cameo by Will Ferrell. But if you're hoping the film will offer glimpses behind-the-scenes at Google HQ, you'll have to look elsewhere: Filmmakers shot the movie at the Georgia Tech campus and steered clear of Google's California and New York offices, according to Mashable.

“Georgia Tech is one of the most unique and dynamic campuses I have ever seen,” said director Shawn Levy, who's also made "Night at the Museum" and "Date Night." “The architecture and space is as forward-thinking as its curriculum and student body; we thought it was the perfect setting for our story.”

As for Google's actual internship program, Forbes cites it as one of the best programs in the country, with its engineering interns receiving an average monthly base pay of $6,463 -- an unheard of income for most students learning the ropes of a business. And they're not making coffee: Google is infamous for giving interns projects that other companies would save for full-time employees.

But getting these positions is no easy task. Google receives 40,000 internship applications each year for only 1,500 openings, reports the Boston Globe. “We look for superstars,” Google recruiter Caitlin Cooke told the Globe.

What we want to know is how Vaughn's and Wilson's characters manage to break into the ranks of Google. Was beer pong part of the interview process?

"The Internship" is set to be released in in U.S. in 2013, so interns across the country should start saving their pennies now.

For some sneak peeks of the set, check out this Reddit thread, posted by a Georgia Tech student, showing photos of his college campus transformed into the fictional Google headquarters.

Will you be watching "The Internship" when it's released? Let us know in the comments.



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