Man In No. 75 Patriots Jersey Doesn't Realize He's Talking To No. 75 On The Patriots

Womp, womp.

While on what was presumably a fun little post-Super Bowl vacation in the Bahamas, the New England Patriots’ Vince Wilfork and his wife, Bianca, ran into a man who was wearing a Patriots jersey with Vince’s number 75 on it. Unfortunately, the man didn’t recognize Vince himself, so the couple decided to have a little fun.

Points all around on this one. What could have been an, uh, awkward situation actually went pretty well. Vince and Bianca keep things fun and good-natured. The guy in the jersey at least sort of redeems himself by answering the question “You know whose jersey you have on?” with the first name, not the last.

Nevertheless, let's all agree on one thing: If you’re going to blow, like, $100 on a jersey, at least Google the guy’s face first, alright?

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