French Philosopher Urges Youth To Create 'A New Form Of Resistance'

We must all "suffer on the inside" if some are suffering on the outside.

French philosopher and writer Vincent Cespedes is urging people to embrace "a new form of resistance" in the wake of the Paris terror attacks. In a video, he dubs this "neo-resistance." And he looks to youth from all backgrounds to step forward. 

Cespedes expresses his gratitude for the global solidarity seen in the aftermath of the Paris attacks, comparing it to the support Americans received after 9/11. "We are all potential targets," he says, even as we are all "capable of justifying the worst."

That realization motivates him to lay out a recipe for how "to be human." He says:

"To be human is to say, "No, I will not commit evil in the name of a seductive fantasy." To be human is to say, "I am like you," when someone else is suffering. Even if I do not agree with your ideology, with your discourse, to be human is to say, "I suffer on the inside if you are suffering on the inside," out of pure human compassion.

The philosopher calls on those under 30 to forge humanity's response to the deadly violence of Nov. 13, using all types of social and digital media. He tasks them with inventing "the tools of resistance of tomorrow."

Watch the video for Cespedes' full message. 

This post originally appeared on HuffPost France and has been translated into English.