Vine Compilation: The 50 Best Vines From The Week Of Aug. 9 Through 16, 2013 (VIDEO)

Vine, Twitter’s micro-video social network, is perhaps the best form of entertainment for Generation ADHD. With a limit of 6 seconds per video, it’s easy for viewers to absorb a diversity of content in just a few minutes and forces Vine makers to be concise with their creations. The result is a steady supply of some of the most hilarious, surprising and inventive mini-movies around.

To celebrate this relatively new media as it comes into its own, we will be doing a weekly compilation of our favorite 50 Vines. This week we have everything ranging from a clumsy cheerleader to a dog and his cat best friend and, of course, a vengeful banana. If you see something you like, we encourage you to follow its creator on Vine and if there’s something you don’t like, well, just wait another 5 seconds and it will be over.

Video produced by Oliver Noble and Hannah Levy