Vine's Leansquad Stops By To Play With HuffPost 6x60

Wait, never mind, they just vanished.

Casey, Niles and Bernard are a trio of musically talented comedians from the DMV (D.C./Maryland/Virginia) that are taking over the social media game. They've been best friends since elementary school and college, and each plan to have a career in the entertainment industry. 

Here's the trio talking to HuffPost's Chaz Smith about their little corner of the Vine world.

Check out all the Internet homes of Leansquad!



Twitter: @Leanandcuisine

Instagram: @Leanandcuisine

Snapchat: Leanandcuisine

YouTube: Leanandcuisine



Twitter: @Retro_Spectro

Snapchat: Drummerniles

YouTube: Nilesyy Niles



Vine: YouFunnyB

Twitter @youfunnyb

Instagram @youfunnyb

Snapchat youfunnyb


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