Vine Superstar 'Summerella' Sits Down With HuffPost 6x60

"Just when are you gonna love me?" "NEVAAAHHH!"

Summer Boissiere rose to Vine stardom in 2014, using her goofy sense of humor and talented singing voice to collect over 1.3 million followers. The 20-year-old from Atlanta, Georgia, has used her social media presence to propel her music career. She's since released two singles under the name Summerella, “11 Something” and “Hide & Seek,” available for download on iTunes.

Boissiere hung out with HuffPost's Chaz Smith to talk about her meteoric rise on social media. 

Check out all Summerella's internet homes! 

Twitter: @_Summerella_

Instagram: @_Summerella_

Snapchat: bigzaddysums

YouTube: Summerella


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