With Vine, Twitter Will Take Your Videos Now

Twitter Will Take Your Videos Now

Twitter has a new limit: you've got 140 characters -- or six seconds of video.

Twitter has introduced a new video sharing service, Vine, that allows users to record and share brief looping videos up to six seconds in length.

Like animated GIFs, Vine videos let people share -- and call attention to -- very specific moving scenes. But unlike animated GIFs, Vine videos come with sound. Twitter acquired the video startup last year.

"Vine is the most exciting thing I've seen in a while," tweeted Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey shortly after the company announced Vine's debut. "Not just because of the team, because it brings an entirely new art form to the world."

The app certainly offers some new features previous video-sharing services had not -- foremost among them, there's the deep integration with Twitter. But let's not forget there's been an ongoing race among startups that are vying to become the "Instagram of video" with short-but-sweet clips. Viddy, for example, limits videos to 15 seconds. And apps like Cinemagram allow users to animate only small section of a video clip.

Here's a look at some of the Vine videos that have been created and shared so far. (You can make your own by downloading the Vine app here.):

Flickbook vine.co/v/bMp2XwKaHFQ

— David Grayson Kenyon (@dGrayk) January 24, 2013

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