4 Vine Web Apps You Have To Check Out


Already, it's easy to forget that Vine, the Twitter-made app that lets you shoot and post six-second videos, was only released last Thursday. Only four days old, both brand pages and pornography have made their way onto the nascent social network -- the latter phenomenon sending the Internet into a tizzy on Monday.

But even more impressive is that web developers have taken a shining to the app. We've spotted four web apps that have already been published, curating and remixing Vine videos in amusing or enlightening ways. One, Vinepeek, streams clip after clip from Vine in realtime. Another, VineRoulette, gives galleries of Vine videos sorted by topic.

Sure, we're still waiting for the Vine equivalent of The Beat, to match geotagged Vines to their location, for example. But that these few web apps have already cropped up speaks to how big Vine might become.

Click through the gallery below to see the new web apps launched thus far.


Vines New Web Apps

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