Vinny Guadagnino Talks Leaving 'Jersey Shore,' Acting Projects And His Future Plans

Ciao Italia! It's time for the "Jersey Shore" cast to head back to Seaside Heights, N.J., where they can tan, go to the gym and finally pick up legal-aged girls.

During the Thursday night broadcast, the gang's journey came to a peaceful end as the cast did some sightseeing and prepared to pack up and head home. Meanwhile, Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino thought about opting out of Season 5, but after a talk with his sister, he ended the episode by announcing that he would stay -- which didn't really please some of the housemates.

Could The Situation be the new Angelina? With a popularity rate of zero, it definitely looks like it. The Huffington Post caught up with cast member Vinny Guadagino to get the details on his time in Florence, the roommates' animosity toward The Situation and his future acting career.

After spending so much time together in Florence, then going immediately into filming Season 5 in Seaside, how are you guys not sick of each other already?

Well that's part of the formula [laughs]. We all get sick of each other, and that's what creates the drama, but I guess you kind of pick your own alliances in the house. Pauly is like my brother. If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be able to get through it. Me and him could be around each other 24 hours a day. We never get sick of each other. It's hard because a lot of the times, we're right in front of the drama, like two people having a fist fight in front of you, but we do what we can and try to crack jokes to get through it. Otherwise, we're going to get sucked in. That's why I had to leave for a bit. I needed to recharge my batteries.

Which is why you're moving on from reality drama to scripted drama! How are the improv classes [as you work on your acting] going?

I love to act. It's my favorite thing to do. I been in a couple of shows now, but I really want to take it seriously. I want to have a job after "Jersey Shore" is done, and I want to be an actor. But there's no way that I can say that I deserve that just because I'm on a reality show, so I'm really picky with my roles. I think I have the skills, but I need to master them more. The classes are amazing. I think everyone should take improv. It's about having confidence and not holding back. Nothing can ever be wrong. There's absolutely no negativity, and I come from a place on "Jersey Shore" with so much negativity.

Whose Hollywood career do you really admire?

Everyone always calls me the next Mark Wahlberg because he started out as a gimmick, and then he transformed into a serious actor. So I would definitely love a career like that. I also love Adam Sandler. He started on MTV as well. I just really admire actors who took a similar path of getting a great opportunity and then transforming into a career. Hopefully, I'm the guy from this generation that's going to do it.

Snooki talks about settling down quite a bit, but is settling down on your mind right now?

That's funny question because one one side of me, the automatic response is no, my life is crazy right now with all that's going on, and we travel so much, but then the other side of me is like, you know, we've been on this crazy whirlwind for the last two years, and I wouldn't mind sharing it with somebody. It's nice to be reminded that you still are that person who has feelings and that can make someone else happy, and they can make you happy -- because you forget that when you're so busy on the road, running in and out of hotels and airports. We party a lot, so we wouldn't mind having some real time with someone else.

Does your Italian family pressure you to settle down?

No, my family isn't like that. I think it's the opposite! I think my mom and my aunts don't want any girl trying to take their son away from the mommy. She doesn't want to let go.

Now, we all know the girls you like to hook up with, but what girl would you bring home to mom?

I went to school. I love to constantly learn new things, so I need an intelligent woman. A woman, not girl, who could be my other half, and we could balance each other out. Of course, I'm big with looks, but sometimes you can have a hot girl, but you just get nothing from her. I need that constant reinforcement, that smile, as soon as I talk to the girl. I like dark hair, dark skin, girls that can dance, and I have a thing for accents and girls from other countries.

You said that you always want to keep learning, so what project would you like to take up next?

I would study basket-weaving if it meant that I could still keep my mind active. I would love to study international relations. I have a degree in political science, so if I wasn't on MTV, I would definitely be going after my master's and getting my Ph.D. Actually, right now, I'm learning how to produce music. I got a new mix machine, so that I can make beats. It's pretty fun.