Vintage 1940s High School Prom Video Demonstrates Dos And Don'ts Of The Big Dance (WATCH)

1940s Prom Video Shares Foolproof Tips For The Big Night

Between picking out the dress to finding a date, prom can be pretty stressful. But if the thought of prom is already making your palms sweat with anxiety, be thankful for two things: 1. Prom is months away and 2. You don't live in the 1940s.

As proven in this gem of a video, once upon a time, there were actually a set of dos and dont's for ensuring a successful night at the big dance. From properly filling a cup with punch to making small chat ("Relax! Be natural! Talk!") with your date while dancing, the pressure was on. Watch in the hilarious video above.

And you thought your high school was awkward.

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