Beauty Ads Are Still Making The Same Promises They Did 50 Years Ago

Beauty Ads Are STILL Making The Same Promises They Did 50 Years Ago

Much has changed in the world of beauty in the past few decades. The quality of makeup and skincare products has gotten higher, and so have the expectations of beauty placed upon women. (Thanks, Photoshop.)

But one thing that never seems to change is the pursuit of perfection... and beauty companies' ever-so-helpful (read: aggressive) suggestions on all the ways we can make ourselves look better. We took a look at some old beauty ads and realized just how little has changed.

We've always wanted to...

Look more awake

wake up skin

Get soft, shiny hair

shiny hair

Improve our "complexions"

makeup ad

Cover gray hairs

gray hair

Zap blackheads


Fight signs of aging skin

anti aging

Get a "deep clean"


Get younger hair

younger hair

Keep our hair color as long as possible

long lasting hair

Find one product that just does, like, everything

multi product

And yet some things have changed...

You choose stuffed animals, not guns

Vintage Kid Product Ads That Would Never Appear Today

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