Vintage Candy: A Look At Wrappers When They Cost Just One Penny (PHOTOS)

The only thing better than getting a candy bar for one penny is getting it in a vintage wrapper. These classics were designed with bold colors and strong lines, and sometimes had offers for amazing gifts like steam engines for the cheap price of 15 cents. (What a steal!)

But what we really love about vintage candy bars are the brands that were available in the '20s through the '60s . Chocolate confections that went by the names of Hail and Munchies were sold alongside Hersheys and Krackel. A personal favorite of ours, in name alone, is the Sassy Sally candy bar.

We came across this amazing candy bar wrapper collection on the Candy Wrapper Archive site. While we loved seeing them, we sure wish we could get our hands on one of these vintage candy bars; we wouldn't mind taking a bite out of a Cool Breeze.

One Cent Candy Bars