12 Foods From Childhood We Can't Believe Are Still Around

Sorry, Spam. We've outgrown mystery meats.

Remember your youthful metabolism? Those were the days -- when you could eat cookies for breakfast, ice cream for lunch and all the mac'n'cheese you wanted for dinner without having to loosen your belt. 

Thinking back on some of our childhood eating habits, we couldn't help but cringe at the odd concoctions we used to relish. And so we asked our Facebook followers what favorite childhood foods they thought would be a passing trend, but actually still exist. 

Scroll through to take a jog through memory lane and feel free to add anything we missed in comments.

1. Spam

The canned mystery meat blend has been around since 1937. It's so popular in pop culture that Spam even has its own museum in Minnesota, which is currently closed but will reopen in 2016. 

2. Zero candy bar

 The uncommon candy bar is something of a vending machine urban legend. In case you've never tried it, it's a "unique combination of caramel, peanut and almond nougat covered with delicious white fudge," according to The Hershey Company. 

3. Pop-Tarts

The breakfast of champions (it's even topped with icing) just turned 50 last year. You might remember having it as a kid in basic flavors like strawberry or blueberry, but the product has been revamped, and now offers flavors such as pumpkin pie and chocolate chip cookie dough. 

4. Fluff

Why anyone would want bottled marshmallow fluff rather than making the fresh stuff, we're not sure. But this stuff has been selling for over 75 years, meaning someone out there is still eating Fluffternutters. 

5. Velveeta

This perfect-melting cheese has been around for nearly 100 years! While we'd never want it on a sandwich, nothing beats this stuff when it comes to making creamy dips and mac'n'cheese. 

6. Cap'n Crunch

The sugary cereal has been a kid's breakfast staple since the early '60s, and is now available in flavors like peanut butter and sprinkled donut. It's definitely a sweet way to start the day. 

7. Jell-O

If you're a boomer, you were probably at some point forced to eat a non-dessert flavored Jell-O "salad," growing up. Hmm...

8. Candy corn

We have to admit that the colors of this candy get us in the Halloween spirit, but the taste -- not so much. The waxy, sugary cones probably aren't going anywhere. They've reportedly been around since the late 1800s!

9. Twinkies


Invented in the 1930s, we love to hate these cream-filled golden cakes that also come in banana flavor -- oh and they're not bad deep-fried, either. 

10. Kraft macaroni and cheese

A savior for busy people everywhere, Kraft's macaroni and cheese is an easy meal with minimal cooking. It's the powdered bright orange cheese that sets this mac'n'cheese apart ... it's been around since the early 1900s. 

11. Circus Peanuts

Spangler has been making these peanut-shaped marshmallow treats since the 1930s and as of 2006, they were still making 32,000 pounds of these daily. 

12. SpaghettiOs

Uh-oh! SpaghettiOs are still making an appearance at dinner tables 50 years after their creation.

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