7 Hilarious Pieces Of Vintage Dating Advice

7 Hilarious Pieces Of Vintage Dating Advice You Have To Read To Believe

Dating is the worst. As if it isn't bad enough worrying about getting food particles stuck in your teeth, awkward silences, or having to eat something that just can't be eaten gracefully, you also have to worry about proper pre and post-date etiquette.

Luckily, dating has gotten a little easier nowadays -- or at least more convenient. We can let our technology do most of the dirty work. You send an email to see if your date is free Friday night. A quick follow up text after a great first date (no more three-day rule). A Facebook message to ask for a second date.

Unfortunately for earlier generations, they just didn't have all these tools at their disposal. We think we have it hard, but dating the old-fashioned way was even worse. Luckily, they had something we don't see very often today: self-help guides.

We've rounded up some of the most laughable dating advice from decades past for your viewing pleasure. Now be thankful you're living in a digital world.

There were entire books written on the matter.

Maybe this was the original, "Why Men Love Bitches"

Kissing on the first date was a matter of serious deliberation...

Know what to lookout for boys...Ladies, whatever you do, don't be alluring

Have plenty to talk about...

Make sure she doesn't have daddy issues...

And don't forget gals, once you catch him, you've got to keep him too

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