Vintage Erotica: These 1920s Glam Shots From The Library Of Congress Are Incredible (PHOTOS)

Ah, the 1920s. The golden age of the undercover Speakeasy, the Charleston and, we've recently discovered, jaw-dropping artsy erotica. While perusing Retronaut, we stumbled upon these retro glamour shots from, of all places, the Library of Congress. Needless to say, we're obsessed.

glamour 1920s

Our hearts are yearning for the long lost days of classic pin-up confidence with an irreverent burlesque edge. These stunning broads, from their dramatic ensembles to their epic manes, make us remember the days when art and eroticism could casually overlap-- without a porn star riding an inflatable dolphin.

Check out the jaw-dropping images in the slideshow below and make sure to check out the dates stamped on the left prints to truly revel in the glory days.

1920s Glamour Shots