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Dare Us To Make This Vintage Jell-O Recipe We Found On Reddit?

Reddit gave us one Grandma's crazy vintage recipe. Want to see what it's like in real life?

We have long had a fascination with both savory Jell-O recipes and kooky vintage recipes, but nothing in all of our retro hobbyism prepared us for what we found on Reddit the other day. Redditor sheepdays posted a photo with the simple caption, "My grandma's Jell-O recipe from the 1950s." We thought we knew what to expect. We thought there would probably be some fruit chopped up in it. Maybe, if things got really crazy, some celery or stuffed olives. And then we clicked on the photo and read the words "shrimp frosting."

Now, try to calm your gag reflex for one moment so we can get through this. The Jell-O in question is lemon-flavored. You don't add extra sugar to the recipe, so it isn't like spreading "shrimp frosting" on dessert. However, to the frosting, which is basically a shrimp-studded mayo sauce, you do add chopped pimentos. Which means there is no way that this dish does not result in a pale yellow Jell-O mold being covered with slightly pink frosting. We need to take a few deep breaths, so check out the recipe for yourself.

We can imagine, on some remote gelatin planet where there are no preconceived notions about what is dinner and what is dessert, that this might actually taste okay. But we need a little encouragement, and that can either come from a place of genuine curiosity or from food sadism. If you guys dare us to make this, we will. We will photograph it, eat it and document the process. So, what do you say?

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