These Gorgeous Love Letters Found In Used Books Will Seriously Make You Swoon

What I love about used books is that in a strange way, they connect people and imbue an otherwise solitary activity -- reading -- with a sense of community. Our opinions on Raskolnikov and his actions may differ, but here's something we have in common. We've both held this book in our hands and eagerly turned its pages.

At the Strand Bookstore in Manhattan, we find a lot of mementos tucked in to the pages of used books: traces of other readers. Besides old family photographs, notes are some of my favorite things to find -- particularly when they're handwritten. The photos are great at revealing a single moment, but the letters and post cards often tell more of a story.

Here's a selection of some of the recent notes we've found in used books at the store. To see more found objects, check out the Strand Tumblr.

Heartwarming Notes Found In Used Books