Vintage Photos From Robert McCabe's Trips To Greece In The 1950s (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Vintage Photos From Greece, 1954-1965

Legendary photographer Robert A. McCabe has compiled what are, in essence, stunning photographic journals of Cuba and Antarctica, among other places.

McCabe also traveled as a Princeton undergraduate to Greece in June 1954, witnessing firsthand soaring unemployment (at the time of his visit, unemployment was hovering around 30%) and poor wages (those who did work were making a little less than a dollar a day). McCabe recalls in his introduction to his book, Greece: Images of an Enchanted Land, 1954-1965, how unspoiled the landscape of Greece felt before all the tourists and development starting happening, which has forever changed the landscape in Athens.

He traveled extensively through the Aegean after that, from 1954-1965, to document fully the experiences, people and places there (he was, in particular, interested in Greece's iconic architecture).

To see the exhibit in person, head to London's Hellenic Centre in February for their exhibit on McCabe's photographs. The Hellenic Centre 16-18 Paddington Street London W1U 5AS 020 7487 5060 Opening Hours: 7-11 Feb 10am-5pm by appointment only

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