Vintage Recipe Card Shows Just How Thoughtful Grandmas Can Be

The love just oozes through.

What's not to love about a recipe that's been handed down through the generations -- especially one that so thoughtfully advises against adding nuts because "Julie doesn't like them."

Julie -- aka JenBubble on Imgur -- posted a copy of her grandma's vintage recipe card for Pineapple Snack Cake and what clearly comes across is her Gram's affection for her. How totally thoughtful to take note of the fact that while you certainly could add nuts, you just better not because of Julie's preference.  That is love! (The other thing that clearly comes across is the fact that good penmanship really counted for something back then.)

Julie also shared some of the details on Imgur about her relationship with her Gram. Gram lived with her and her mom while Julie was growing up. She "spoiled me and taught me a lot in the kitchen," wrote Julie. "When it was stormy, she would find me and make sure I wasn't scared of the thunder/lightning." She also wrote that her Gram died in a car accident when Julie was just 13 and that she misses her a great deal.

Julie posted how emotional she's been lately, but promises to try and share some of Gram's other recipes. 



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