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Vintage Recipes: Looking Back At Old-Time Tastes (PHOTOS)

After taking a long look at vintage cookbooks last week, we just couldn't help but wonder what they held behind their covers. We knew there would be some interesting stuff, and that the recipes found inside would most likely mimic their quirky covers. But what we didn't expect was to find such different recipes -- different being the best adjective we could come up with for what we found (since we couldn't find a word that describes disgusting, creative, fascinating, eye-catching, nauseating, repulsive, appetizing, historical and inventive all at once).

It's hard to know what to take away from the sights inside some of these vintage cookbooks, though one thing most people can agree on is that they're not recipes we want to try. With dishes that mix deviled ham, pickles and peanut butter together, it's not hard to understand why. (Though there are a few brave home cooks who seem to find delight in cooking these retired dishes, such as the blogger at Mid-Century Menu.)

While we aren't sad to see these recipes go -- and we're certainly not trying to bring them back -- we are in awe by their "different-ness." And so we've put together a slideshow of our favorites to share. Take a look and tell us what you think.

Vintage Recipes