10 Vintage Styles That Really Need To Come Back

10 Vintage Styles That Really Need To Come Back

We hate to admit it, but our grandmothers had way better style than we do.

Seriously. Between their decidedly dressed-up casual wear to their to-die-for accessories, it seems that we've lost a bit of the glamour that came so naturally back in the day. We happen to be of the belief, however, that there are some vintage looks that could -- and should -- make a comeback.

Here are our top 10 picks for some classic styles from our grandmothers' era we'd like to bring back:

Daytime hatsYes, there was a time when baseball caps on bad hair days weren't your only option.


One-piece bathing suitsBikini season would be a lot less stressful if we had a little more fabric.

bathing suits

MuffsSome events are just too glamorous for gloves.


Seamed tightsThese are pretty much the definition of refined sex appeal.


Head scarvesTying these things properly is a lost art.

head scarves

Full skirtsWho cares if you can't drive, let alone fit into, a car if you look this chic?

hoop skirts

Non-winter gloves Your manicure will thank you.


Neck scarvesIf they're good enough for the French...


Flapper headbands Just imagine what your prom photos would've looked like with these.

flapper headbands

Wide-leg pantsComfortable and stylish? Yes, please!


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