14 Really Bizarre Vintage Valentine's Day Cards

14 Utterly Bizarre And Even Creepy Vintage Valentine's Day Cards

Though we're grateful for technology, we have to admit a little part of us longs for a simpler time. Especially around Valentine's Day. Gone are the days of snail mail and getting handwritten love letters delivered to your doorstep.

It would be so nice to get an actual card rather than an snapchat or an e-card for once. But after sifting through some Valentine's from decades past, we're utterly relieved we won't be seeing any of these in our mailbox. Turns out previous generations had a slightly skewed take on what was romantic -- clowns, blatant sexism, and some really bad puns. So scroll through the bizarre cards of Valentine's past and actually be grateful you're living in a digital world.

Your grandparents might have gotten this one for each other...

False teeth valentine

This was their idea of kinky...

Handcuffs valentine

Sexy....but no, not really

Vintage Valentine: Bloomers

Don Draper and Roger Sterling would have gotten a kick out of this Mad Men-esque card....

A Girl for every day in the week

10 steps back for feminism...

Vintage Valentine: Kitty Pie

They were really punny, or so they thought...

I'd like to
Vintage Valentine: Suggestive Banana

And loved their food-humor...

No Baloney Valentine

And were racially insensitive...

Worst valentine ever

A little controversial, don't you think?

Vintage Valentine: Cop aims to please

But then things got creepy...

Vintage Valentine: Violent Caveman

Really creepy...

Vintage Valentine: Suicide Skunk

We think they got their holidays mixed up

Creepy Clown with Poisoned Apple Valentine
Vintage Valentine: Clown Cop

Happy Valentine's Day!

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