These Vintage Valentines Show Just What We're Missing When We Give Up Real Mail

As we become more dependent on devices, social media and email for staying in the loop, we miss out on the little tangible niceties that could make your day. Niceties such as: "real" mail. The invitations, letters and cards that stood out from the usual bills and catalogs. The kind you could hold in your hand. The kind with messages you could linger over and tuck away in a scrapbook or keep on display as a sentimental reminder. Emails, tweets and Facebook messages just don't have the same feeling of realness and are instantly forgotten. Do you remember the contents of an email you received yesterday? Probably not. But you may remember the time a friend sent you a lovely card.

If you don't quite believe us, take a look at this round-up of vintage Valentine's Day cards. Some are sweet, some are silly and some are stunning, but they all have one thing in common: A message that was meant to be cherished.



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