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Viola Davis Celebrated Her Oscars Win In Sneakers Like A Boss

A woman after our own hearts.

What do you do when you’ve just become the first black woman to win an Oscar, Tony and Emmy for acting? If you’re queen of all things Viola Davis, you promptly change into something more comfortable, because you can wear whatever the heck you want.

The Oscar winner swapped her show-stopping red Armani gown from the ceremony for a white suit with sneakers that appear to be these metallic Stella McCartney platform creepers.

Davis, who delivered one of the most powerful speeches of the night, showed off her sensible after-party style by doing a series of kicks that no one in a gown and heels could have dreamed of doing.

Get it, girl. 
Get it, girl. 
Kicking butt in more ways than one. 
Kicking butt in more ways than one. 

With so much to celebrate, it’s no wonder Davis wanted to wear something she could dance in.

Never change, Viola.