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Violent Lips Temporary Glitter Lip Tattoos: Weird Beauty


Violent Lips Glitteratti Temporary Lip Tattoo in Pink. Photo: Courtesy of Violent Lips

When we first caught whim of Violent Lips' temporary lip tattoos, we'd imagine over-the-top celebs like Ke$ha and Kelis wearing the polka dot, leopard print and fishnet stick-on pouts. But as our friends over at Racked point out, the California-based beauty brand's latest collection, Glitterati, includes their most wearable work yet.

The glamorous new lip appliqués come in five shades -- Pink, Red, Blue, Gold and Silver -- and are FDA-approved and vegan so you don't have to worry about taking a huge gulp of toxic glitter.

Would you pucker up with Violent Lips Glitteratti Temporary Lip Tattoos? Or is it too glitzy?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments section and check out this graphic eyeliner.

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