Violet Hour Mural: Time-Lapse Video Shows Creation Of Restaurant's Newest Art Piece (VIDEO)

Chicago's super chic Violet Hour maintains its air of exclusivity in several ways: high-priced cocktails, draping curtains obscuring the entryway, low seating and even lower lighting.

But before you even get inside, the vogue lounge weeds out the riff-raff by hiding their door behind a giant mural, which has featured a rotating series of artwork.

Their newest installment is a black and white portrait of a whale designed by Benjamin Oakley Wilson, a server at Blackbird, which shares ownership with the Violet Hour and its neighbor Big Star, Chicagoist reports.

The painting took three days of work, mostly with spray paint, all of which was captured and condensed by filmmaker Max Mearsheimer, who uploaded the final project on Vimeo.

Above, check out the process behind the artwork that's sure to make cameos in many an Instagram this summer.