'Miracle Violinist' Manami Ito Aces 'The World's Best' Premiere

She lost her right arm in a car wreck and skillfully used a prosthetic for an impressive solo.

Anyone bored from watching the Super Bowl on CBS Sunday may have found a reason to cheer on “The World’s Best” talent show afterward.

Manami Ito, who lost her right arm in a car crash at age 20, impressed during her violin solo and advanced to the next round of the new talent show hosted by James Corden, which premiered on CBS right after the big game.

Ito, who competed in the Paralympics as a swimmer, said in her bio video that she lost all hope after the wreck and didn’t leave her house for a year. But she later fulfilled her mother’s hope that she would someday play the violin again, skillfully wielding her bow with a prosthetic right arm.

Ito, whom the show refers to as “The Miracle Violinist,” said she “truly hoped” to inspire people.

Mission accomplished. “I think not only are you talented but your perspective on life is something that the world definitely needs,” panelist Drew Barrymore said, per “Entertainment Tonight.”

Watch her performance above.