Best Viral Cover Letter Ever? South Korea Man Writes Epic Job Application (PHOTO)

Best Cover Letter Ever?

An extremely earnest cover letter written by a young man from South Korea went viral Monday, after a picture of the cheerful, nearly incomprehensible document was posted on social news site Reddit.

Titled "We were all willing to cut our hours just to hire this guy," the post received close to 40,000 up votes in just 15 hours.

The letter includes a color photograph of the applicant and, though filled with grammar errors, manages to convey his cheerful, hardworking attitude.

While admitting he is "not a good English user," the young man claims that everyone in Korea would tell him, "Ace, you are best!'

He continues thus:

I have brave fight to wold bear.

I have strong arm to wild bear.

I am so fast more than train.

The applicant ends by saying he is willing to work for free -- although he adds that he prefers not to -- and then thanks his evaluators for their consideration.

In January a "brutally honest" Wall Street cover letter won praise from bankers and netizens alike. Matthew Ross, an undergraduate student applying to an investment bank, went the honesty route, and his gamble paid off. Ross got the internship at firm Duff & Phelps, and his bold move will go down in Internet history.

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