Viral Cyst-Pop Is The Lesion Of Doom

Gross. Just gross.

You could get the same effect squeezing a cannoli.

Only this isn't so appetizing.

Dr. Sandra Lee, aka Dr. Pimple Popper, posted a new cyst-popping video with the blockbuster title "Three Epidermoid Cyst Bermuda Triangle." It's already a hit since it went online Sunday, reinforcing our belief that the Internet is truly tasteless.

But you're still reading this, so we're presenting. You can watch the full 15-plus minutes above, in which Lee squeezes a monster among three cysts on some guy's back while spouting such medical declarations as, "It's a cyst, all right!"

Or you can cut to the big moment (last warning to put down your lunch):

and the aftermath...

So who wants to be a dermatologist?

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