Viral Facebook Post Takes Down Myths About Single Moms

"They don't want your husbands..."

Being a single mom today inevitably comes with challenges, but one frustrating issue is the preponderance of harmful stereotypes and misconceptions.

Australian mom and blogger Constance Hall takes on this issue in her latest viral Facebook post.

On Sunday, she shared a parenting selfie, along with some "single mum myth busting."

"Today I'm saluting single mums," Hall wrote in the post. "I was raised by one, I respect them, and I admire the shit out of them."

Having been a single mom for a short time a couple of years ago, Hall said she learned how tough it can be. "But the toughest part is the stigma," she wrote.

People's negative perceptions about single motherhood can be harmful, so Hall decided to break down seven incorrect assumptions, or "myths," about single moms.

The mom explains for example that single mothers aren't all in search of a "new dad" for their children, they are not "always broke," and their kids aren't "baggage."

"They aren't uncomfortable around couples," Hall notes in another example. "Single mums aren't uncomfortable around couples or dogs or fire engines or sandwiches," she adds.

Hall's post has reached over 74,000 likes and 21,000 shares. In the comments section, many single moms shared the ways that their experiences have diverged from negative stereotypes, and single fathers noted this myth-busting post can apply to their lives as well.

Ultimately, Hall sums up the power of misconceptions in her second point of the list. "Their kids aren't disadvantaged," she writes. "The only disadvantage children of single parents face is the knowledge that their mum is being judged. Kids are clever, they pick up on that sh*t."

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