Viral Photo Of Sad Grandpa Is Breaking Hearts Everywhere

We'll have a burger with you, grandpa.

You'll want to pick up the phone and call your grandparents after seeing this viral photo. On Wednesday, Kelsey Harmon, a student at Northeastern State University, shared a tweet that resonated with hundreds of thousands of people in the Twitterverse. 

That particular night, Kelsey's grandpa -- or "Papaw" -- had made 12 burgers in hopes that all six of his grandchildren would come over for dinner. But Kelsey was the only one who showed, so she tweeted this photo of Papaw sadly eating his burger.

The Twitterverse reacted with anger, outrage and an outpouring of love for Papaw and all the grandparents out there. In fact, some people were so upset with the five "missing" grandchildren that Kelsey later had to send out this tweet:

So for everyone who is worried about Papaw being lonely, take heart. Kelsey clarified that he's no forgotten soul. "Papaw is great," she wrote. "Please know he is loved deeply, and now widely." 

The attention might have spurred the other grandkids to action. Well, at least one that we know of so far. Brock Harmon, reportedly one of the other grandchildren, later tweeted a photo the next day saying he was having burgers with Papaw. 

We're happy that Papaw finally got the company he wanted. The photo seems to have served as a reminder for the rest of us not to forget our elders and grandparents.

Similar stories involving grandparents have touched our hearts lately as well.

Recently, we wrote about a 23-year-old New Zealand man who posted a heartwarming video of himself dancing with his 93-year-old great-grandma, reminding us "more people should seize the opportunity with their grandparents while they’re there." Comedian Aziz Ansari also shared his own regrets over not visiting his parents more and the wake-up call that made him realize he should spend as much time with his aging folks as possible. 

Now go and hug your parents and grandparents. Or better yet, visit them. 


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