Viral Video Of Golden Retriever Gingerly Holding An Egg Proves How Gentle The Breed Really Is

We always knew golden retrievers were one of the most gentle dog breeds alive, but in case there was any skepticism, this video proves it. 

Twitter user LaurDreyfuss, and her aunt, wanted to prove just how delicate and gentle the breed really is. So, her aunt, who is also a vet tech, tested the “soft mouth” theory on the family’s golden retriever, Sookie, using an egg. 

In the video, you can see her open Sookie’s mouth and place the egg inside. Though Sookie looks only slightly confused, she doesn’t fuss or bark ― obedience is another one of the breed’s virtues! 

Tail-wagging, Sookie sits with the egg in her mouth for a full minute without so much as a crack to the egg. The video, which has racked up almost 6 million views since it was posted a day ago, on February 4th, shot Sookie to internet stardom. 

She even has a Facebook fan page, titled “Will Work For Treats,” in which her owners document her various tricks ― including balancing items on her head. 

Goldens are one of the few breeds, including Labrador retrievers, poodles and cocker spaniels, that have a soft-mouths. Because of this quality, golden retrievers are ideal hunting breeds, able to retrieve game without causing any damage.

They also rank high on American Kennel Club’s list of best pets for families due to their intelligence, gentleness and friendliness. 

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