Viral Video Of People Helping An Older Man Makes Us All Feel Good

It was a social experiment in New Zealand with a surprise ending.

Everyone knows that New Zealanders are probably the nicest people on the planet. The Kiwi ethos is to always look out for folks in need and to take care of one another. Not that we needed more proof, but an Auckland-based social experiment just provided it using a hidden camera with an older actor pretending to be short a few dollars to pay for his groceries. Instead of growing impatient, the people in the line see an opportunity to do a good deed: Four times, the customer behind him in line steps up and insists on paying. 

The best part comes at the end of the video when the Good Samaritan shoppers are told that because of their generosity and kindness, Co-Operative Bank, which sponsored the experiment, would pick up the tab for all their groceries. The video has been seen 4,910,550 times on Facebook.

Seriously, does it get any more heart-warming than this?



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