Viral Video Reveals The Problematic Way Society Views Breasts

This video received almost 50 million views in less than 24 hours.

One week after a video he made about public breastfeeding video went viral, Joey Salads is back with another social experiment that looks at the problematic way people often treat nursing moms.

The "Sexy vs. Breastfeeding" experiment compares the way people react to a mom nursing her baby in public and the way they treat a model in a low-cut top. While the woman in the "sexy" outfit receives looks of approval from male passersby, the breastfeeding mom is scolded and called "disgusting."

While the reactions seem pretty staged, the message of the video is still meaningful, as women today are frequently shamed for nursing in public. The video received nearly 50 million views on Facebook in less than 24 hours and prompted a lot of discussion about this issue.

As commenter Natalia B. Vázquez wrote, "[The video] IS fake, but this really happens every day."

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