Viral Video Shows The Rude Ways People Treat Breastfeeding Women

From bus stops to public benches, this nursing mom is met with criticism from strangers.

Following on the heels of Trollstation's viral public breastfeeding video, YouTube star Joey Salads has brought the U.K.-based social experiment to the U.S.

In his latest video, the prankster films a breastfeeding mom named Emily to see how people react to her nursing her baby in public. From bus stops to public benches, she is met with criticism from strangers -- though a few bystanders have no problem with her nursing.

"Who here Breastfeeds?" Joey Salads asks in the Facebook video comments, adding, "[F]eel free to comment a picture of it to make a statement to support public breastfeeding! Also share this video and write in #NormalizeBreastFeeding LETS MAKE IT TREND!"

The video has reached over 9 million views on Facebook in just 24 hours, with over 21,000 reactions in the comments section. Many decry the notion that breastfeeding is in any way indecent.

"I'm disgusted by the ignorance of Americans towards public breastfeeding," wrote Lindsey Michelle Cross, adding. "I live in Europe and women breastfeed absolutely everywhere, and no one bats an eyelash. Too many Americans have a perverted view of something very healthy and natural. For someone to shame a mother that is trying to meet one of her infants most basic needs is appalling."

As videos like Joey Salad's experiment show, negativity toward public breastfeeding is alive and well, so continuing this conversation can have a big impact.

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