Viral Videos 2010: The Top 10 Non-Antoine Dodson Videos of the Year

How absurd have the last 12 months been? A decade from now, when we look back at this year through the prism of the internet's many "Best of 2010" lists, we'll see the name Antoine Dodson more than any other. The most exploited-yet-amusing emerging non-talent of 2010 extended his 15 minutes into 15 hours, and 15 hours into 15 days, begging the question: Has anyone turned the attempted rape of his sister into a more successful foray into pop cultural relevance? Has that ever happened?

Dodson's been everywhere, on everything. What started as a typical local news eyewitness report about the attempted rape of his sister has turned into a cottage industry. There's the Gregory Brothers' Bed Intruder Song remix, NYU's a capella version, an ad for a sex offender tracker, a live performance at the BET awards, and even a choir version of the song by Rev. Jerry Falwell's Liberty University. Oh, and a Christmas tune.

So hide ya keedz, hide ya wife, we're doing a non-Dodson Top 10. Enjoy what amused us most in 2010.

Viral Videos 2010

Special honorable mention: The whole It Gets Better Project, started by Dan Savage and his husband Terry to help troubled and bullied teens find comfort in the wisdom of their gay elders.

Also: Videogum did some solid work for the world by mashing up just about 60 of what they consider to be the best viral videos of 2010 (though many of these 10 are missing. It's the goods:

So, what do you think of the list? What would you change? Got anything else we should consider? Check out for more.