Virgin Atlantic Teaches Flight Attendants How To Whisper For Its Calming Effect

It was already known that Virgin Atlantic had the hottest flight attendants, but how about the quietest? Crew working in the airline's Upper Class cabin will be taught to speak between 20 and 30 decibels, reports The Telegraph.

According to the Daily Mail, adults usually talk at 60 or 70 decibels, but at the lower decibels it's believed cabin crew's voices will have a calming effect -- and not wake sleeping passengers.

"It is incredibly important that all Virgin Atlantic's cabin crew have their skills honed in order to provide the most comfortable experience possible for our passengers," said Richard Fitzgerald, Virgin Atlantic's whispering coach, also the airline's customer service training supervisor.

Crew members will learn this proper new way of talking in a day-long course that will teach proper tone, volume and sentiment.

"His specialist training will also ensure that no passenger is unduly disturbed whilst sleeping and that all passengers wake up and arrive at their destination feeling rested and refreshed," Virgin told The Telegraph.

Always an airline to put the customer's sentiments first, last year Virgin Atlantic also put "weep warnings" before emotional in-flight movies so passengers could decide how to best handle themselves. Of course, this all comes after a bunch of passengers were awakened with the message "Get up, you c***s," last June.