Virgin Atlantic's 'Upper Class Red' Lipstick Debuts (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Virgin Atlantic's New Lipstick

Oh Virgin Atlantic. Just when we think you can't one-up yourself, you do it anyway.

The airline, which boasts the hottest flight attendants in the sky, is launching a new lipstick with bareMinerals, aptly called "Upper Class Red," this spring to mark the launch of their new re-designed Upper Class cabins, according to a press release.

Virgin Atlantic is already known for its blazing red uniforms and, as of April 2011, red shoes entitled "Dorothy" not to mention a whispering coach to better calm fliers.

In a release issued Monday morning, Rebecca Creer, the Senior Spas and Grooming Manager for the airline, said, “Red hot lips have always been a trademark of our cabin crew, signifying the strength and confidence they embody ... With the launch of ‘Upper Class Red,’ one of Virgin Atlantic’s most iconic attributes is finally being made available to passengers. Meaning one swipe of this color is all you need to create a classic and timeless look –- something our cabin crew can certainly vouch for!”

The airline is known for blending the fashion and travel worlds. The airline already has their own style magazine and shoe. Virgin Blue, their Australian sister airline, made headlines in February 2011 when Elle Macpherson walked the runway to showcase the airline's new uniforms (which flight attendants later complained were a "hindrance").

A bareMinerals makeup artist said that the new lipstick was "perfect for long-haul flights." As such, all female cabin crew will start wearing the shade on the airline's inaugural A330 flight from London to New York this spring. (And all Upper Class passengers will receive a sample of the lipstick on that inaugural flight.)

If you can't make (or can't get on) the flight, you can pick up the lipstick for $16 at the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse Spa at Heathrow, Gatwick or JFK or through the airline's in-flight shopping guide.