Virgin Blue Flight Attendants Not So Happy With New Uniforms (PHOTOS)

Virgin Blue's flight attendants have started complaining to the Civil Aviation Safety Authority about their new polyester uniforms creating "very painful" rashes, according to the Daily Telegraph.

The 1960's-inspired uniforms, designed by a "Project Runway" alum, debuted to much fanfare only in February, with a catwalk presentation that included Elle Macpherson (see photos below).

Flight attendants have complained to the CASA about discomfort over the 100% polyester lining, the paper reports. One unnamed flight attendant claimed the airline had put fashion ahead of comfort and safety, telling the paper: "In an emergency these garments will be a hindrance, as the arms cannot be lifted above shoulder height due to the ill-fitting design. And in the event of a fire, being 100 per cent polyester it would be like having plastic melted on to the skin."

When the paper contacted Virgin Blue for comment, a spokeswoman said "The airline is not aware of any complaints or investigations by CASA."

Of course, it's hard to imagine any uniforms of the past were that comfortable; take a look at a history of flight attendant uniforms here and then check out the new uniforms below.