Virgin Blue's New Flight Attendant Uniforms, As Modeled By Elle Macpherson (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Virgin Blue's Sexy New Uniforms, As Modeled By Elle Macpherson

Virgin Blue, Australia's Virgin airline, debuted chic new uniforms on Wednesday in downtown Sydney's Pitt Street Mall, according to

The getups, designed by "Project Runway"'s Juli Grbac, are meant to hark back to a time when flying was glamorous in the 1960s.

In order to get ideas for the new uniforms, Grbac asked flight attendants what they liked and disliked about their mandatory wardrobes, including complaints that the sleeves were too long and restrictive, the hemline was too blah and in general they were unflattering. Grbac told the website, "They just really wanted to look good for work."

The uniforms were modeled by 60 some flight attendants AND Elle Macpherson (who herself rocked a pair of hot pants last spring). Macpherson told the website that "Juli's brought a sort of glamour, elegance and fun back into uniforms.''

Of course, Virgin Blue's counterparts at Virgin Atlantic were recently crowned the hottest flight attendants in the skies. Maybe these new uniforms will give them a run for their money.