'Virgin Diaries': TLC's Preview For Their Latest Learning Show (VIDEO)

Adding to the heap of toddlers, tiaras, 19 kids, little people and sister wives comes TLC's "Virgin Diaries," the perfect counterpoint to "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant."

According to the TLC summary, "Virgin Diaries takes you inside the lives of adult virgins who reveal the challenges, truths, and anticipations of losing their virginity." A 2006 MTV UK show by a similar name (THE Virgin Diaries) had the same premise... except it followed virgins between 16 and 18 years old. This series did not go over so well.

Based on this preview, "Virgin Diaries" will be a more wholesome experience, one in which being a virgin means never having to kiss your partner before marriage.

Watch, and learn:

A one-hour special premieres Sunday, December 4 at 9PM ET/PT.