'Virgin Hair' For Sale On Craigslist: NYC Man Sells 27 Inches Of His Own Hair For $600 (PHOTOS)

Hair today, gone tomorrow...

Believe it or not, selling human hair online isn't all that uncommon. But when some random hipsterish artist-builder dude from NYC decides to hawk his locks on Craigslist, and supplements it with poetic descriptions and what look like mood-lighted Instagram glamour shots -- well, you've got some "jet-black, virgin" gold on your hands.

And with the price of human hair being what it is, it might be prudent to grab that gold before it's shorn and gone (if you're into that).

Compared to an offer of $1,000 for 24 to 26 inches of "caramel" brown hair on this hair-trading site (that's right, hair-trading site), at $600 for 27 inches, it's kind of a bargain. For the uninitiated, "virgin hair" is a common industry term that refers to hair that hasn't been treated or dyed.

In 2010, Des Tobin, a professor of cell biology at Bradford University, told the BBC that in the global hair market, blond hair is the most sought-after, since "it's actually really hard to get natural, adult hair that is blonde, [and] the rarity of hair color will dictate the price."

But that didn't deter this seller from vaunting his jet-black locks. According to the seller's ad, his "radical hair," which has never been heat styled and is fed only healthy foods and sensible amounts of candy, looks like "the way a raven shines in the moonlight, the color of a deep dark sleep."

Not a bad pitch, honestly. Although since those lovely locks probably took a long time to grow out, it seems unlikely that this enterprise will be sustainable beyond a one-shot cash injection. Unless...

Dibs on the beard!


Man Sells Hair On Craigslist