Worshippers See Virgin Mary Of Guadalupe In Houston Tree (VIDEO)

Months after buying his home in Houston, Texas, Kyle Toland couldn't figure out why strangers would gather around a tree at the edge of his property and leave flowers, candles and notes.

Worried that the tree marked the site of a recent accident, Toland finally asked a gatherer about it and was relieved to hear his explanation: many people believe a scar in the tree's side resembles the Virgin Mary of Guadalupe, KHOU News reports.

Toland told the station worshippers come by once or twice a week, many kneeling in prayer.

"There is always someone, either parking here (and) around the curb, bringing flowers. Lots of families," Toland told the station.

Toland believes the tree may have been scarred in a car accident and thinks people have been gathering around it for about two years, according to KPRC News.

He said he has no problem with the flow of worshippers to his yard.

"Most of the people that come by keep it in very good condition. They will rearrange everything to make it nice and pretty," Toland told KHOU. "I think it's wonderful that people come by and pray and believe in their faith."

The tree follows a number of instances over the past few years in which Texans reported seeing religious imagery in nature and objects.

In 2009, a couple from Preston Hollow, Texas, claimed that a Cheeto they found in a bag purchased at a 99 cent store looked exactly like Jesus, the New York Daily News reported.

The year before, a woman from Pittsburg, Texas, showed local reporters a moth be believed had patterns that formed the face of Jesus, Texas Monthly reported.

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