Virgin Mobile Mother's Day Gift Suggestion? Get Off Mom's Phone Plan, Says Susie Essman (VIDEO)

Hey, boomerang kids! Mom has had it up to here with your mooching ways.

That's the message in a new Virgin Mobile campaign out just in time for Mother's Day. With two out of five parents paying for their adult children's cell phone plans, Virgin is speaking up for moms who want "financial independence" from their children more than a Russell Stover's sampler.

The cell-phone service provider sets the scene for us in a new video, starring a flustered daughter and an equally annoyed mom (played hilariously by "Curb Your Enthusiasm" actress Susie Essman) who get into an argument when a cell phone tutorial goes awry.

"What the hell is the home button? What do you mean it takes you back home?" Essman yells. "Is that what you've been pushing for the last eight years?"

Yeah, it's all downhill from there -- watch the video to hear what this peeved mom has to say. (NSFW language nor recommended for those with delicate sensibilities -- kegels post pregnancy may come up a few times.)



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