Virginia House Comes With Maserati, For $1,549,000

$1.5 Million House Comes With Odd And Racy Extra Incentive

A Virginia house on the market for $1.5 million comes with a racy extra incentive to buy!

virginia house comes with maserati

The house is also low-mileage -- listings agent Tan Tunador tells HuffPost that its only owner is a somewhat secretive West Coast businesswoman who's spent, all together, some 1.5 years there since the home was built in 2003.

House Comes With Maserati

Why the Maserati?

Tunador says he first proposed including the Maserati as a half-joke. But on reflection, the owner -- who asked that her name, and the exact location of the house, not be disclosed -- decided it was a good sweetener.

"She said if somebody wants to give me enough money for the house" they can have the car, too, says Tunador. "If someone lowballs, we'll probably pull it off the table."

Check out the Estately listing here. You'll see the house features an indoor elevator, a wine cellar, .9 acres of land, expansive views, a library and a three-car garage ready for -- assuming your offer's high enough -- the Maserati and another two vehicles of your choice.

In case you'd like those two vehicles also to be Maseratis: A new Quattroporte goes for more than $127,000. You can find a 2007 model for as little as $36,900 on eBay.

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