'Virginia Is For Lugars' Website Unveiled Attacking Indiana Sen. Richard Lugar


Democrats are almost as entertained by Indiana Sen. Dick Lugar's residency questions as Lugar's Republican primary opponent, state Treasurer Richard Mourdock, and have whipped up a new website called Virginia Is for Lugars" mocking the fact that Lugar lives in the Washington, D.C., suburbs.

“Hoosiers are waking up to the fact that their senior senator has not actually lived in the state for over 35 years, and that just doesn’t sit well with them," said Matt Thornton, a spokesman for Democratic-aligned American Bridge 21st Century, which created the site. "Despite his Virginia house being worth over a million dollars, he still refuses to move home to his native state, instead preferring to charge his hotel stays to the taxpayer.”

The site notes that Lugar's hotel stays in Indiana have cost more than $50,000 and mentions a brand-new Marriott as an illustration, although Lugar's campaign has countered that the amount covers decades, and the ritzy hotel didn't exist for most of that time.

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