Virginia Madsen Joins NBC's 'Hatfields And McCoys' And More Pilot News

Madsen will play Eloise McCoy, "the matriarch of the family who is a self-educated woman with a tough background." The updated drama, set in Pittsburgh, will see the working class McCoys clashing with the wealthy Hatfields after an unexpected death rekindles generations of antagonism between the two clans.

In other pilot news ...

"Watchmen" star joins "The Vatican." Matthew Goode will star as papal secretary Bernd Koch, "the pope's closest confidante, who has a very powerful perch within the inner-circle of the Vatican." The Showtime pilot, directed by Ridley Scott, centers around the mysteries, miracles and political machinations going on behind the scenes of the Catholic church. [The Hollywood Reporter]

"The Killing" alum will star in Fox's "Delirium." Billy Campbell will play Thomas Fineman, the villain opposite Emma Roberts in the adaptation of the YA book series. The character is described as “a wealthy political leader, the head of a lobbying organization called Deliria Free America. Married with one son, Fineman opposes the social chaos caused by ‘Deliria’ and supports the use of the brain modification that prevents citizens from falling in love and leads to a peaceful, ordered society. At difficult times, Fineman’s friendly facade shatters into unbridled rage." [EW]

"Mistresses" creator will direct "The Joneses" for Bravo. S.J. Clarkson will direct the pilot, which is based on the 2009 movie of the same name and scripted by Liz Tigelaar. It focuses on a seemingly normal family who move to the suburbs and must try to hide the fact that none of them are actually related from their new friends and neighbors. [THR]

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